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Taco Night


A few weekends ago I took a trip over the Outerbridge to do some shopping in Woodbridge, New Jersey, which I do quite often.  The malls are nicer, the people are kinder and the sales tax and gas is cheaper, as well.  Plus they have a Wawa (their coffee is amazing and also a lot cheaper than Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, etc.) which really becomes the highlight of the trip for my girlfriend and me.  After dragging Janine around for a few hours through the golf section of Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy, it was time to think about dinner.  We decided that we were in the mood for tacos.  We went to a Stop and Shop in a strip mall on our way back home.  Since Janine recently ended her vegetarian lifestyle, we decided to buy chicken chop meat instead of beef.  Thanks to her I have learned many healthy alternatives to foods that are not necessarily healthy for us (she deserves a lot of the credit in these posts).

Enough of the backstory, let’s get to the ingredients and what to do once you get home…
–Please keep in mind that on this night we were feeding four adults who love to eat.  Always consider how many you are feeding when shopping and cooking.  It will help you to save money and prevent the leftovers from expiring.


2 lbs. of Purdue chicken chop meat
Ortega Grande Dinner Kit (12 hard shells, 8 tortillas, seasoning)
Ortega Original Salsa
Ortega Thick & Chunky Salsa
2 Avocados
1 onion
2 tomatoes
1 Friendship sour cream
1 bag shredded Mexican cheese
Sriracha Sauce
1 can black beans
1 head of romaine lettuce (chopped or cut)
Yago Sangria (optional but highly recommended!)

1. Remove 2 lbs. of chicken chop meat from package and put it in a medium-large frying pan.

2. Add 1 cup of water and olive oil (as you wish), Ortega taco seasoning (and any other seasoning of your choice).

3. Cook chop meat on a medium-high flame until all the water has evaporated, and until meat appears to be cooked.

4.Wash and shred (or chop lettuce).

5. Dice tomatoes, onions, and avocados (after removing skin).

6. Wash and strain canned black beans.

7. Once chicken chop meat is cooked, it’s time to start making your tacos.
*I personally like eating my hard shell tacos wrapped in a soft shell tortilla.  To keep taco from falling apart, spread sour scream on 1 soft tortilla, and “stick it” to hard shell taco.

8. Add chicken chop meat, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, black beans, cheese, salsa/Sriracha sauce and sour cream.

9. Pour yourself a cup of red sangria and ENJOY!


My First College Basketball Game

I have always been a huge sports fan.  I played numerous sports growing up and I have attended many professional games in my life, mainly thanks to my father who would get tickets from friends or would buy tickets so that he could take my brother and me.

I learned a lot about basketball from my dad.  He played growing up and continued to play intramural basketball throughout college.  He will constantly remind me that if the three point line had been created when he was playing, he would have scored thirty points a game.  I do believe him when he says it, but I usually take this opportunity to make fun of him for being “old.”  I know that most of my athletic abilities come from him and I will be forever grateful for that.

One Saturday morning in February my dad surprised my brother and me with tickets to go see a college basketball game.  We were definitely excited to get to spend the day together and watch some live basketball.  It was not until we arrived that I realized we were in for a much different experience than most.

We arrived at the arena and made our way inside.  The smells of the concession stands seemed to consist of hot dogs, fries and popcorn (some of my favorites).  We started toward the court and handed an usher our tickets.  He started walking down toward the court, as opposed to going toward the top, which instantly excited me!  As we got to about ten rows before the court my brother looked back at me with a look of excitement about how close we were, with the chance of getting closer.  For the first time in my life, I was sitting “court side.”  With my father two seats to my left and my brother directly next to me on my left, we were all set in some of the best seats in the house.  I had to keep reminding myself not to stretch my feet out too far because then they would be on the court!

I learned that the television does not do any justice to the size and the abilities of the players.  When you watch on television and from further up in the stands, all of the players look to be the same size, which really takes away from the appreciation I have for them.  These men are well over six and six and a half feet tall but they run and jump and do things with their bodies that I did not think was possible for men of that size.

When I thought that I could not get any closer to the players, a loose ball came my way!  I was excited at first to be so close to a play in the game or even have the opportunity to touch the ball if the whistle blew before it reached me.  Just before I was thrown backwards from what felt like a Mack truck running me over, I quickly realized that a player was diving into the stands to save the ball from going out of bounds and losing possession.  He did in fact save the ball, which caused a scuffle on the ground for the loose ball (pictured below).20140716-132750-48470876.jpg

Start a Healthy Lifestyle Right Now!



People are becoming more conscious of what they put into their bodies and what they have to do to look or feel a certain way.  When I was younger I could eat anything I wanted and burn it off by playing outside, but now that I am older and work and school take up so much of my time time, burning off what I eat is not as easy.  When I eat healthy, I feel less guilty about missing the gym.  When I eat healthy and make it to the gym, there really isn’t a better feeling– physically and mentally.  I want to share healthy food recipes with you and give you alternatives to fried and fatty foods without sacrificing so much taste.  I will give you tips on shopping for ingredients (where to go and an approximate price you should pay).  Feel free to email me or comment in the suggestion box if you have questions for me, or future post ideas.  I look forward to hearing from you and sharing my experiences (successes and failures)!